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Thursday, 27 Feb 2020


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81rf0What typifies Ricardo Migliorisi, one of the most important artists of the Paraguayan nation is his Guaraní color, wit and irony that he has revealed in biennials and exhibitions, and in the collection of historical and contemporary art he now offers his fellow Paraguayans.

Text: He has displayed his works several hundred times in his own country and abroad and been awarded innumerable prizes. Ricardo Migliorisi is one of the most salient artists of Paraguay and – according to several specialists -  the most international and complete one. And this is so because above and beyond his vast, solid and important  plastic artwork, he also is a costume designer, scenographer, drawing artist, and professional architect. A man who has made art his way of life and expression. He was born in Asunción in 1948, and after graduating in architecture from the National University of Paraguay, he ventured into the arts under Cira Moscarda and labored with such intensity that his work has been widely acknowledged.81rf1


According to a critic, Migliorisi’s work “is a very luminous and expressive art; he intermingles implausible images from classical mythology, popular culture, Latin American fauna and Bohemian nights”. With all these elements “he creates delirious and brazen characters, which  oscillate between erotism, humor, and obscenity”. And this is the way he has exhibited in such far-flung places as Colombia and Norway.



Many Migliorisi artworks are part of important museums and private collections, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art of Madrid, the Museum of Contemporary Art of the National University of Bogotá, the Maldonado Museum of Contemporary Art of Uruguay, and the Museum José Luis Cuevas of Mexico. And in his own country, the Paraguayan Museum of Contemporary Arts dedicated a cabinet to his works.81rf2



His paintings are full of color, contrasts, textures, velatures, and transparencies. His figurativism is scathing and simultaneously ironic. However, he not only has produced paintings but also original artworks that hint at his passion for theater. He designs costumes, constructs scenery and produces diverse artifacts, which he exhibits together with his easel paintings. He also has ventured successfully into digital photography with a recurrent central theme: the bed. For these works, which recently were exhibited in a gallery in Lima, the artist photographed his own unclothed body among sheets and pillows, intervened the images and photographed them again in a doble movement, reminding of a former just as scathing photomontage with such internationally renowned figures as King Juan Carlos of Spain or Mother Theresa of Calcutta, who he was greeting dressed up as Andean indian or angel.  He printed these peculiar images  on kitsch dishware.



Although his counntry is not a recurrent nation in large exhibitions at world level nor is it renowned as host of artistic mega-projects from Asunción, Migliorisi has the courage to embark on contemporary and innovative projects, that make his works  even more commendable.



As regards his personal life, the gennerosity of this Paraguayan artist also is renowned. He created the Foundation Migliorisi, the main project of which is the inauguration of a museum intended to protect the country’s historic and artistic heritage and to promote the development of the visual arts. “Our country is experiening an interesting and complex time. On one hand, we are living the present time with its tradition of corruption, social inequity and ineptitude, and on the other one, the gradual broadening of the public sphere and an improving institutional consolidation. Against this arduous backdrop these contributions encourage us to forge ahead”, said the Paraguayan critic Ticio Escobar when he announced this ambitious project.


81rf5Migliorisi has devoted over three decades to the collection of innumerable Paraguayan sacred art objects, paintings of Jesuistic, Franciscan and popular procedence, pre-Columbian cloth, Brazilian popular engravings and contemporary graphic artworks. These latter ones include lithographs, xylographs, and etchings signed by Tapies, Raushemberg, Christo, Matisse, Max Ernst, Toledo, Cuevas, Seguí, Moix and many others, as well as works made by Migliorisi himself between the 60’s and the present time.

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